We synchronize your internal management systems with Mercado Libre or your own website so that stock, sales and prices are updated. This solution allows us to maintain stock and prices constantly and without errors, freeing our clients from this tedious and demanding task.

The Sync has the possibility in a configurable way if you want to enable the price and stock update adjusting to your needs, this can be done in 3 levels: for all products, for some products or for some publications.

Sync has the ability to configure discounts for all publications or for each publication, you can also configure a minimum stock also in general or for each publication.

We have standard connectors for Mercado Libre, Woocommerce, WordPress, Fox Pro and if we don’t have it we can develop it to help your business stay in sync.


“In our experience, the implementation of the price and stock synchronization system was a great help, since it allowed us to automate processes and focus on things that add value to our business. From NTSS we value above all the speed and availability in the attention to our queries and changes”

Nicolas D.

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